Friday, September 16, 2011

Alone Time

I went to the movie theater by myself the other day, and believe me, it was done under protest.

My husband works for a new company and he has to put in a lot of hours right now. Therefore I get to put in a lot of hours. I stay at home with my two year old daughter and 6 month old son. Having no help during the week can be exhausting.

Also, we moved recently. We've only lived in this area for six months. I have always been slow to make new friends, so I spend a lot of time alone with the kids during the week. Sometimes I feel starved for an adult conversation. I have been known to go a whole week without leaving the house, unless you include the neighborhood walks I take with the kids. 

I definitely look forward to the weekends and a lighter work load. Nick is a wonderful father and we split the duties when he is home, that way we can both have a little bit of a break.

On Sunday, Nick noticed that I was a little frazzled. He suggested that I go to a movie. I shot that idea down, since there was nothing I wanted to see. I'd rather sit on the couch and read a book or watch a movie with Nick. I didn't want to go out by myself. I just didn't have the energy. But Nick wouldn't give up. We had a little bit of an argument about it and I finally gave in.

My son, Joe, doesn't take a bottle. So I fed him his last meal at 6:30. I then left Nick to put the kids to bed. I was definitely dragging my feet. I went to a nearby movie theater that is located inside a mall. The mall is mostly empty now, so it is kind of eerie in there. I purchased my ticket to see "Rise of the Apes". It sounded like a super dumb movie, but the show time fit my schedule. I was way too tired to stay out late.

I walked into the empty movie theater and picked out a seat. I moved around a couple of times until I found the perfect one. I then read a book in order to pass the time until the movie started. Finally the lights dimmed and the previews started. Looking around, I realized I was the only one in the theater. It was the weirdest feeling.

It was great! Zero distractions. No coughing. No overly loud laughter. No rustling plastic as someone took five minutes to open a bag of candy.  And to top it off, the movie was excellent. I haven't had that much fun at the movies in a long time.

So I guess a thank you is in order. Thank you, Nick, for forcing me out of the house kicking and screaming. Thank you for being such a wonderful husband and father. Thank you for understanding that I need to take time to be an adult and to just breathe. Thank you for knowing what I needed when I didn't. I promise, I'll try to not fight it so hard next time.

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