Friday, August 19, 2011


I'm sitting outside on my covered back porch enjoying a little down time while Joe takes a nap and Ada plays in the dirt. Again. That seems to be all she wants to do these days.

Thanks to our dogs, we have a small patch of dirt underneath a shade tree in our back yard. Ada thinks it is wonderful. Every time she goes outside she heads straight for it, armed with a large kitchen spoon and her truck. What more does a little girl need?

 I've recently read how good it is for kids to get outside and play in the dirt. They get to explore nature and make a mess. Plus, frequent exposure to the bacteria in dirt is good for their immune system. I remember having a blast playing in the dirt as a child.

I'm not going to lie, I wish Ada wouldn't play in the dirt. Especially when she takes handfuls of it and throws it straight up in the air, coating her hair and clothes in a fine layer of dust. For some reason she also feels the need to taste it. Everyday. You'd think that one disgusting bite would be enough, but nope. Hey, maybe it will taste better tomorrow.

So every time we go outside, I know it is going to end in bath time and some very dirty clothes. Sometimes we take three baths a day. It is definitely a hassle, but I know it is harmless fun for her. Much better than sitting inside watching t.v. all day.

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